Large mower bush hogging a field in Thibodaux.

Bush Hogging Services Serving Thibodaux, Raceland, & Houma, LA Areas

Our bush hog mowers are used to mow large overgrown properties and fields, as well as around lakes, ditches, and roadways. We service residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

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Bush hogging services for large residential, commercial, and municipal properties in the Thibodaux, LA region!

When properties are large, overgrown, or near large ditches and bodies of water, bush hogging is the way to go. A bush hog is an oversized mower, or attachment to a standard mower, that is designed for mowing large plots of land. At Lafourche Lawn & Farm, we currently provide bush hogging services to residential, commercial, and municipal properties in the Thibodaux, Raceland, and Houma areas.

When should you hire a brush mower?

A bush hog, or "brush mower", is designed for mowing thick brush and vegetation. Blades are different from a standard mower in that they are heavier but duller. These blades are designed for handling overgrown and brushy lots. Bush hogging is great for areas such as:

  • Around Ponds & Lakes
  • Large Fields
  • Ditches
  • Roadways

Bush hogs can handle a variety of terrains making them perfect for large municipal or commercial properties needing extensive mowing services.

Recently mowed property in Thibodaux, LA around a lake with a bush hog.

We recommend bush hogging for large commercial or residential areas since it covers more ground in less time. Properties around ponds, ditches, and roadways tend to grow uncontrollably. Bush hogs have the durability and power to cut through this and leave the property looking clean in no time.

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At Lafourche Lawn & Farm, our professional bush hogging services are just what you need to ensure the tough parts of your property are well managed. Whether you need large residential assistance or are in need of commercial and municipal work, we have you covered! Call us at (985) 209-8757 today for a free estimate of your land. We currently service the surrounding regions of Thibodaux, Raceland, and Houma!

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