Grading and drainage installation for a new landscape project in Thibodaux.

Drainage & Grading Services Serving Thibodaux, Raceland, & Houma, LA Areas

Our drainage and grading services are performed to correct any issues with water pooling around your lawn or buildings.

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Drainage and grading for southern Louisiana properties in Raceland, Thibodaux, and nearby areas.

We correct issues with potholes, driveway flooding, downspout flow, and much more.

In the southeastern Louisiana area, we often encounter issues with flooding on our properties. Living just a few feet above sea level can cause more drainage issues than other areas of the country. At Lafourche Lawn & Farm, we offer comprehensive grading and drainage solutions to help correct these problems we often see such as potholes, driveway flooding, downspout flow problems, and more.

Our drainage providers offer services in Thibodaux, Houma, Raceland, and nearby areas.

We provide various drainage and grading services for homes, businesses, and municipalities.

Grading land in preparation for drainage at a property in Thibodaux, LA.

With the close proximity to swamps and bayous throughout our area, it's important to have a professional who knows exact grading and drainage techniques to provide these services. At Lafourche Lawn & Farm, we are able to control how much dirt and other material washes into the surrounding areas, using eco-friendly practices and reducing pollutants in the wetlands. Learn about the various drainage and grading services our company can provide for Raceland homes, municipalities, and businesses.

  • Culvert installation: We can add in culverts to aid in moving water around your property. Culverts are typically installed in a front yard under a driveway. Our team installs the culverts first and then the driveway would be laid over the top of the culvert.
  • Driveway grading: Before a driveway is installed, we grade the land underneath, leveling it so your driveway will be put in on a strong foundation.
  • Land leveling: If you're seeing water pooling around your property, we can level out land around the area to help with redirecting the water elsewhere so it doesn't collect in one area. Too much moisture in one area of a lawn can cause health issues for your grass.
  • Water redirecting: Often, gutter downspouts are built to deposit water too close to the foundation of a building. Our drainage crews will work to redirect the downspout flow so that the water moves farther away from your home or office building. Too much water around a foundation can weaken it and cause further water damage inside the building.
  • Limestone and gravel grading: Experiencing issues with potholes or flooding in your driveway? We can adjust that with limestone or gravel grading services. Our grading providers will correct those potholes or driveway flooding problems for your Houma property.

If you don't see your exact drainage or grading needs listed here, contact us to see if we can provide that for you.

Do you need grading or drainage services at your southeastern Louisiana property? Contact our drainage providers today.

The team at Lafourche Lawn & Farm has extensive experience installing drainage and grading corrective measures. We provide our services throughout southeastern Louisiana areas like Houma, Thibodaux, Raceland, and more. If you need services at your commercial, residential, or other property, contact our drainage providers today at (985) 209-8757 or submit our online contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly!

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